Pregnancy Support Center of Caddo County

508 W. Kentucky / P.O. Box 473   

Anadarko, OK 73005

405-247-4841 or 405-642-5364         E-Mail:

Open Monday & Thursday 12pm to 4pm, Tuesday Evening 3pm to 7pm

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Pregnancy Support Center of Caddo County

508 W. Kentucky/P.O.Box 473, Anadarko, OK 73005

Text:405-642-5364  Phone:405-247-4841  Email:

We have a variety of needs here at the Center including Financial, Volunteers, and Practical/Material. And as it is with any team it takes those who are willing to invest their many different talents and resources working together to make a winning team.


No matter what God has gifted you with, if you are willing, we can use it to help those who are facing unplanned or surprise pregnancies, other difficult life situations, and learn parenting and life skills. Be part of the team!


There are many ways you can be involved, here are a few: